It’s a bit quiet…

The plan this year was to blog more about what we’re doing, what we’re working on and what we’re thinking about, so far that hasn’t happened.  So, what is going on?

We’re working on a few concepts at the moment for some different platforms.  Unfortunately none of them are in a state where we can show them yet, we will as soon as we can.  There was a game we started on last year but cancelled for a good reasons, I think I’ll write more about this in the future.

Currently we’re both doing contract work which will help pay the bills and keep us going for longer.  Again, this is on an unannounced project.

So there you have it, we’re working on things we can’t tell you about yet but will as soon as we can.  Also, I aim to update this blog regularly – I will try regular weekly updates at first, which will inevitably become more frequent as we can show more and talk more about what we’re doing.