A Bit of Housekeeping

Just a quick update this week, sorry for the lateness it’s been a strange week with one or both of us being ill.  

As you may have seen Fable Heroes has gone gold (http://lionhead.com/fable-heroes-gone-gold) and will be release on May 2nd for 800 MSP.  

So what’s next for us, well first off we’ll still be working at LH as contractors for the next while.  The big difference is we’re now working four days a week for Lionhead, the plan here is to do two days a week and whatever nights we can on our own stuff and have a day off to sleep.  So with that in mind we’ve been doing some planning, deciding which project(s) to work on next and have dates we are working towards.  Our overall plan involves several small projects, keeping our (Pixar) shorts concept going, and one large one – as these progress we’ll unveil them and get a dev log going for the large one at least.  

And the final bit of housekeeping is we’re in the process of getting Disqus setup on the site so you can comment on future (more interesting updates).