IT’S TANKS! Problems & Temporary Removal from the App Store

If you’ve already downloaded and started playing IT’S TANKS! in the few hours it’s been available, we hope you’ve been enjoying it so far, but if you could hold off telling your friends to download it for the moment that would be much appreciated.

We’ve identified a problem with rematches that wasn’t showing up in the Game Center sandbox environment (the game gets stuck on the “Creating Game” message occasionally if you rematch someone) and have removed IT’S TANKS! from the app store until we can get a fix written and through Apple’s certification.  We’re trying to get this through as quick as possible and will be going full ahead with launching IT’S TANKS! properly once it’s back in the App store.

In the meantime, the versions you have still work fine bar the bug so feel free to keep shooting each others’ Tanks!  And if you feel like shooting the devs, I’m Caffeinebomb on Game Center so fire away!