IT’S TANKS! Update 1.4 is out

Continuing our rapid update schedule, another IT’S TANKS! update is out and on the app store, you can get it here.  We’re trying to keep the turn around on these fixes as quick as possible to make sure our players see as few bugs as possible and Apple somehow managed to get this through the review process in just a couple of days (not including the weekend).

We highly recommend you get it asap as it prevents the possibility of a couple of annoying bugs.

It’s another under the hood update with the main work going into handling network errors a little better and handling a rare case where match data would stop sending and it would never become the other player’s turn.  The new update will also fix/remove any matches that managed to get into that state to prevent them continuing to be problematic.

Update Notes:

* Better network error handling
* Fix an issue where match data would stop sending

Our next update should be more feature driven, we’ve got a few improvements/features in mind and would love to hear your suggestions and feedback!  Just click the email, Facebook or Twitter links at the right hand side of the page to get in touch.