IT’S TANKS! Update Released

The new update for IT’S TANKS! is now live in the App Store.

We been listening to feedback and made the tutorial optional when playing your first game, so it’s now quicker to just get in there and get playing.  The tutorial is still available at any time from the pause menu and the ? button on the menu screen.

Also, we got feedback from some players that they thought they had to pay to change the colour of their tank.  This is not the case, you can change the colour of your tank at any time, for free. There is a colour pack for sale, which adds an additional 44 colours for those bored with the basic set.

This update contains a few bug fixes as well.  Some players were having issues creating a new network game, this update fixes that.  Additionally it was possible that a weapon upgrade wouldn’t save, this is also fixed in this update.

Everything changed in the update:

  • Fix for intermittent crash when pressing Add Friend button in the Records Screen
  • Fix particles for explosions occasionally appearing in the wrong place
  • Fix upgrade token save bug
  • Fix for unable to start new network game bug
  • Fixed issue where screen could remain darkened after purchasing Unlock Full Game IAP Make the tutorial optional in first game
  • Adjust Tank Painting Screen so it’s obvious you can change the colour of your tank without paying
  • Facebook button now opens to the correct page in the Facebook App

As always we love to hear from you about the game, you can contact us via email:

  • feedback [at]
  • admin [at]

Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

IT’S TANKS! on the App Store:!/id568868930