And new…

If I had to choose my favourite fight of the last year it would be TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao at UFC 173. Few people gave TJ a chance coming into the fight, Barao was unbeaten in 33 fights over 9 years, it seemed obvious how this was going down. Dillashaw, however, put on a dominant performance showcasing his kickboxing (Bang Muay Thai) skills. Dancing around the champ, cutting angles, striking with clean, crisp technique he made Barao look like he didn’t belong in the cage with him. With a fifth round TKO the heavy underdog became the new Bantamweight UFC champion.

Kieran and myself are big MMA fans, we spend a lot of time watching it, reading about it, discussing it, you get the idea. There have been many MMA, usually UFC, fighting games over the years but no management games. I think every kid in the UK who played computer games in the ‘80s or ‘90s spent some time playing a football (soccer) management game, even me and I didn’t even like football. All this is a round about way of getting to the point of this post, which is to announce our new game MMA Manager.


“Take on the role of a MMA manager in the modern fight business. Run your gym and manage a stable of fighters from small beginnings operating out of a small industrial unit, fighting in the local scene. To the heights of managing world champions in the top promotions from your dedicated training facility.”

In the game we’re combining the roles of managing a fight team, managing fights, and managing the gym into a single role. Whilst that’s not necessarily reality it gives the player more to do and many more options, which is a good thing.

It has been almost two years (wow) since I last posted on here but to be clear we’ve only been making this game for about a month & a half. In that time we’ve been working with our friends at Kinesthetic Games and Jiggery Pokery on other projects.

Unlike our previous games we won’t be working away on this in secret and suddenly announcing it’s been released. So follow us on twitter @bitbybitgames and @mmamanager_game for the latest and there’ll be a new dev blog up soon.