Final Week of MMA Manager Launch Price on iOS

It’s your last chance to get MMA Manager, on iOS, at its introductory price, on the 1st of October the price will be going up.

Why’s this the first you’re hearing of this? Honestly, we weren’t sure if we needed to do it, would we sell enough at the lower price to not need to raise it?

We’re grateful to everyone who has bought a copy, and for the good reviews on both the App Store & the Google Play store. We want to continue to update MMA Manager (version 1.1.5 is out on Android & waiting for review on iOS, and 1.2 is in development), we’ve got our own ideas and we’ve been receiving lots of good feedback too. But to do this we need to bring in enough money to make it viable so we’re going to raise the price slightly and remove the flat price structure so we’re not losing so much to exchange rates. This isn’t an easy decision, but it’s one we’ve had to take.

As for the Android version it will also have a month at the lower price, so it’s price increase will happen on the 17th.