Zero1Gaming Review and MMA Manager 1.2 Submitted to the AppStore & Google Play

We’ve got another positive review!  This time from Zero1Gaming:

Another fair and even handed review pointing out that MMA knowledge helps and having Female fighters would be great.  Along with some bits we’re really happy about:

  • “being developed by a talented, but small, studio.”
  • “MMA Manager is a great management sim to pass time or any train journey or whenever you get a spare moment. It is deep enough to allow you to feel like you are running things without ever being too overwhelming and will keep you entertained for many an hour. A must for any MMA fan.”

To go with this great news, we’ve also submitted our next update to both the AppStore and to Google Play.  We’re hoping for around a 7 day turnaround again for the AppStore and the Google Play version should be available in a couple of hours.

It’s a massive update, here are the main features we’ve added:

  • Sharing screenshots via the camera button.
  • Fighter stats gradually decay down to 40, if they’re not training in that discipline.
  • Happy fighters train more effectively.
  • Cross training now takes a little longer and only trains the specific Stat for that gym.
  • Your corner gives advice between rounds.
  • The Fighter’s info screen now has more complete data. This includes their complete fight history (from this update). Also, the number of times they’ve failed PED tests or missed weight.
  • Coach negotiations now only allow 2 attempts to recruit them. Also, coaches will never accept a pay cut.
  • Training Dilemmas Changes: Giving your fighter the day off will mean they don’t train this month.
  • Gameplan Techniques are now explained better.
  • On changing Leagues your Fighter’s new Rank takes their old Rank into account.
  • The end of the month will now always show your monthly finances and will show any fights booked for the coming month.
  • Miscellaneous fight system improvements.
  • Various bug fixes, including a very rare crash and a small issue where you could get stuck in the Objectives screen.

There’s also a whole bunch of small fixes, tweaks and changes under the hood and we hope you enjoy them!