MMA Manager 1.3 Out Now

Just a quick post to tell you that version 1.3 of MMA Manager is out now on both iOS & Android.  The two big additions for 1.3 are achievements and interim titles.

Players on both platforms have asked us for achievements so we’ve added them.  Achievements are linked to the existing objectives, so now when you complete an objective you’ll get both the in-game monetary reward and an achievement.  Don’t worry if you’ve already completed some or all of the objectives, the first time you play version 1.3 signed into Game Center/Google Play the appropriate achievements will be awarded.

Scott dropped us an email to say that champions who gain their title by another fighter vacating it (retiring, moving league, etc) aren’t showing up in the Fight Team history.  He was right, I missed that when hooking this up.  So as well as fixing it I took the opportunity to add the concept of interim titles to the game, something anyone who’s followed MMA for any amount of time will be familiar with.  So now when a title is vacated the new champion is interim champ until they defend the belt for the first time.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully we’ll be back soon to tell you about one of the big things we’ve been working on.

Get it on Google Play