MMA Manager out for Android!

MMA Manager is out on Google Play! It’s an improved version of the iOS build with more fixes and tweaks and runs on everything running Android KitKat and above. It’s priced exactly the same as the iOS Build, ($1.99 US/$2.49 CAN/£1.98 GBP) and is available globally now.
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Amazingly, without even telling anyone about it being out, it’s already got several very positive reviews on the Play Store

  • “Outrageous game, super fun and addictive”
  • “Great so far”
  • “As a massive mma fan I’m happy to see this game here, so far it seems great, can’t wait to see how it grows”

They go very nicely with the ones on iOS, which is currently sitting at 4.5 stars :).

  • “I love sports management sims! And this is one of the best I’ve seen on mobile”
  • “Great game, look forward to seeing more updates”
  • “Haven’t noticed anything about the game that I don’t like, which is rare. Great game, worth the money plus some.”
  • “It’s completely addictive.”
  • “Gets the gloves on you and does not let go. Updated: New patch which adds difficulty levels is just the thing. I wish there was more transparency into the simulation process, like the effects of selecting certain techniques, but overall a great game.”
  • “The new update has really fixed and improved many issues in the game. I love this game so much! I’m so addicted to it.. The mania has begun!!!”


MMA Manager 1.1 Released!

Great news, Apple have passed the 1.1 update and we’ve hit the button to release it worldwide!


Why an update so soon?

It’s almost all changes we’ve made based on feedback, both directly from players and forums and iTunes reviews.

The biggest change in this build is a major rebalancing and bug fix of the Fight Simulation to be more fair and understandable to the player.  The main changes with it are that fighters with even just a 5 point advantage in a particular Stat are going to have an advantage against their opponent  in that Stat and the Stats are always taken to in account correctly in every fight.

Improved fight booking

When you’re choosing an opponent you can now see all their Stats like the tale of the tape so you can better decide if your fighter is ready for the challenge.  This is what it looks like:


Much clearer!  With these details I can plan ahead and make decisions based on what I think my fighter’s strong points are and make training decisions to shore up weak points before the fight.

Team History Screen

The Team History Screen is within the Gym screen and keeps track of and shows your Gym’s overall record and which titles your fighters have won.


Fight Simulation Difficulty Selection

The Options screen now has a difficulty toggle if you’re still finding the fights a little too difficult or just want to coast a bit.  The 2 modes are the slightly easier “Reality TV” mode and the “Pay Per View” mode for playing MMA Manager when you want more of a challenge.


Misc Fixes

The build also has several other fixes including but not limited to:

  • Prospect generation changes so players get offered better recruits
  • Performance improvements to reduce occasional stuttering on some handsets
  • Text fixes
  • Sponsorship fixes


MMA Manager Tips

Finding MMA Manager a bit tricky?

There’s a infrequent issue where fighters stats aren’t properly being taken into account in the fights.  This is fixed in the next version that’s submitted to Apple and hopefully should be out next week.  However in the meantime if you feel like your fighters are unfairly losing repeatedly, the issue can be alleviated by closing the game fully (terminating the app) and restarting the app.


  • As soon as you get out the first year, and upgrading your Gym is unlocked, upgrade the Gym to the next level as soon as you can afford it. Better Gyms attract better fighters and bring in more income from classes etc as well as attracting better sponsors.
  • Make sure your coaches shore up your fighters weak areas. Better to have a Fitness coach improving fighters rubbish cardio than improving their best stat. Once you get a bigger gym, you can mix and match a bit more.  It’s worth trying to keep all your fighters being the same general type to make sure they’re all training in the areas they need.
  • Cross training is important to try and improve your fighters all around, it’s slower than a coach but when you’ve a small gym spending $100 or $200 per fighter a month on the skills your coach isn’t training helps keep your fighters from specialising.
  • Keeping your fighters well round is important as fighter levels are calculated based on all their stats and if their stats aren’t all improved your fighter won’t level up as easily.  Each Fight Leagues that offer more lucrative contracts will only approach fighters of a certain minimum level.
  • Buy Gym equipment that helps the stat your coach trains in, you’re fighters will learn even faster.
  • Tale of the Tape coaches advice generally points you in the right direction, but if you find that’s not quite doing the trick, the traditional MMA approach of turning intensity to High and keeping on the fight on the feet in hope of a knockout is worth remembering.
  • Be careful leaving your fighters on high intensity during fights, it runs your cardio down a lot quicker and technique effectiveness is linked to cardio.  Better to moderate it’s use when you think it’s appropriate and keep an eye on the cardio bar.
  • If you get an event in the final round of the fight and it offers a takedown or a finish, take those. Your fighter has the best chance of getting the finish when the other fighter is tired and the takedowns score points and could tip the fight your way.
  • Try and select the option that suits your fighters in events. For example if your fighter’s opponent has better submission defence than your fighter’s offence, choosing to go for a submission or counter-submission can be more difficult than sweeping so your fighter is on top.
  • Don’t be afraid to release fighters if they’re doing particularly badly. A losing streak is no-ones friend. I generally take a look at recruitment every month or two and see if there’s anyone better than my current fighters. Investing in Dorms will attract a better class of recruit too.
  • Sometimes it makes sense for your team’s bank balance to take the high money main event or main card fight instead of the fight against the higher ranked opponent.
  • Always negotiate with your fighters and the leagues to try and get the best deal possible for the team.
  • When accepting league offers take into consideration the travel distance to where they put on events.  Further travel distance means you’ll be spending more money travelling and may end up making less than if you accepted a smaller offer from a closer league.
  • When negotiating contract perks, take into consideration what you think will be best for your fighter at this point in their career.  Team need money?  Guaranteed main card placement or Travel costs being paid by the league are good options.  Fighter at the start of their career or low ranked?  PR Push can help.  Confident your fighter can take on anyone in the world?  Take a chance on a Guaranteed Title Shot.

Hope these help and you’re still enjoying MMA Manager!