MMA Manager and the Google Play Store

Or to put it another way, why isn’t MMA Manager on the Google Play store any more?

I’ve answered that question a lot over the past months via email, Twitter, & facebook messages, to put it simply the versions of the ad providers we were using were not GDPR compliant.  This is because we hadn’t updated the app in a few years.

To update the ad services we’re using we’d have to update Unity by 4 versions.  The knock on of this is plugins we’d used are no longer supported/usable we the new version of Unity, so we’ve had to remove/replace them, we’ve had to rebuild sections of the UI.  Basically it turned into a larger job than we expected.  Since we’re making such changes we’ve decided to update as much as we possibly can and make smart improvements that will make it far easier for us to update the game in future.

I should be clear here, the current changes we’re working on will not changes the gameplay at all, they are to underlying systems.

I won’t make any statements about when it’ll be done, let’s just say as soon as it’s ready we’ll have it back up.

When we originally made MMA Manager Bit By Bit was our full time job, that’s no longer the case we both have full time jobs as game developers and this is something we do on the side.  Kieran has just shipped Gears POP! as lead client engineer, check it out it’s great fun: .  And I’m working as lead programmer on Motorsport Manager, our last release was MM Mobile 3.

We are incredibly grateful to all the players and fans of the game and for all the messages we’ve had over the years.  We will endeavour to do better with releasing updates in the future, and the first step will be this one.

MMA Manager Update 1.4.3

Over the life of the game a small number of you have experienced corrupt save games for which we are very sorry this happened to you.  The upside is we had an option to email us the save game file if anything went wrong so we could track down the problem.  We believe we have now fixed this issue, and the latest update of MMA Manager rolls out that fix to you.

Thank you for your patience with us.

What Are We Up To?

As was asked recently on twitter, are we planning on update MMA Manager again?  A very reasonable question since last year we updated it fairly regularly and this year there’s been a single update which was mostly a bug fix.

To quickly answer the question, yes we do intend to keep updating MMA Manager.  We’ve still got a list of things we want to add to the game, and we’ve been listening to suggestions from the community for what you want.

To be honest with you we haven’t been working on MMA Manager lately.  An opportunity came our way to work on an interesting project, with some great people, and some new tech.  Like everyone else we’ve got rent & bills to pay so we took the opportunity and are developing a prototype which hopefully pays off.

What that all means is the next update for MMA Manager probably won’t be out until next month by the time we finish the prototype work, and the update goes through the submission process.