Unable To Create Match

There’s an issue where some players are getting an “Unable To Create Match” message, we are very aware of this and are working on a fix.

With Game Center you can only have 30 active games at once, when you quit a game it’s possible for that game to remain active taking up one of those slots. We’re working on an update that will end games 100% of the time when it is your turn, however, this issue is still possible if you quit when it is not your turn. We are also working on a way to clean up as many of these stray games as possible. We are talking to Apple about this issue and are working with them to find a solution.

In the mean time I would suggest quitting as little as possible.  If you want to quit on your turn it would be better to blow your tank up instead, and avoid quitting when it’s not your turn.

IT’S TANKS! Update Released

The new update for IT’S TANKS! is now live in the App Store.

We been listening to feedback and made the tutorial optional when playing your first game, so it’s now quicker to just get in there and get playing.  The tutorial is still available at any time from the pause menu and the ? button on the menu screen.

Also, we got feedback from some players that they thought they had to pay to change the colour of their tank.  This is not the case, you can change the colour of your tank at any time, for free. There is a colour pack for sale, which adds an additional 44 colours for those bored with the basic set.

This update contains a few bug fixes as well.  Some players were having issues creating a new network game, this update fixes that.  Additionally it was possible that a weapon upgrade wouldn’t save, this is also fixed in this update.

Everything changed in the update:

  • Fix for intermittent crash when pressing Add Friend button in the Records Screen
  • Fix particles for explosions occasionally appearing in the wrong place
  • Fix upgrade token save bug
  • Fix for unable to start new network game bug
  • Fixed issue where screen could remain darkened after purchasing Unlock Full Game IAP Make the tutorial optional in first game
  • Adjust Tank Painting Screen so it’s obvious you can change the colour of your tank without paying
  • Facebook button now opens to the correct page in the Facebook App

As always we love to hear from you about the game, you can contact us via email:

  • feedback [at] bitbybitgames.co.uk
  • admin [at] bitbybitgames.co.uk

Or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

IT’S TANKS! on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/its-tanks!/id568868930

IT’S TANKS! Released!



We’re happy to announce that our new game IT’S TANKS! is now available globally in the App Store for all iPhones, iPads and iPods that have at least iOS 6.  IT’S TANKS! is an asynchronous multiplayer tank vs tank game following in the footsteps of 80s and 90s classics like Scorched Earth.  In other words, the kind of games that helped turn us into gamers and game creators in the first place.  It’s free to download and play and has both online and local multiplayer.  We’ve been working on this since last September, iterating, iterating, iterating to get something that we’re proud to put our names to and hope that you enjoy playing it too.

Players battle in online & local turn based versus matches in randomly created, completely destructible levels.  The focus for us was on making the gameplay experience quick and fun with taking a turn being something you can easily do in 20 seconds while waiting for a bus, waiting in a queue or just have 20 seconds to kill.  On the other hand, sitting watching TV and playing people in the same room for hours is also a great experience so you can see the look on someones face as you destroy their tank.  There were several great (or so I’m told) 6-nations rugby games we managed to ignore while testing this because we were enjoying blowing each other’s tanks up too much.

There’s more details on the game, it’s weapons, items and the team on the main page here.  Why not give it a try?  As I wrote above it’s completely free and a small download, so it will be quick to install and try.  If you like it, you can tweet or post to FaceBook directly from inside the game to tell your friends……and then destroy their tanks!

Download it now!  https://itunes.apple.com/app/its-tanks!/id568868930

Visit the IT’S TANKS! page.