Hey Look, A Blog Post!

Yeah… I couldn’t think of a good title for this post.

It’s getting to the end of 2015, the year we developed and released MMA Manager, and as such websites and publications are starting to put together best of lists.  We’re very happy to see MMA Manager is on of iAfrica’s best paid mobile games of 2015 and it’s in some great company there.  We’re proud and a bit surprised to see our game placed along side the others that made the list, including The Room 3 from fellow Guildford developers Fireproof Games.

App Trigger, which is part of Fansided, has put together a list of 4 Great MMA Mobile Games which includes MMA Manager, so check it out.

We’re planning to get one more update for MMA Manager out this year, it’s currently in review with Apple and we’ll tell you more about it closer to release.

MMA Manager Free Update Released on iOS

I’ve just got the email from Apple to say that the update for MMA Manager Free has been passed, so will be available shortly.

This update contains the fix for the fighters not fighting issue (detailed here).  The update contains a fix for the cause of the but, it won’t happen again, and a fix for fights scheduled in the past.  These fights will take place in the current month.

So please, update your game ASAP.


Fighters Not Fighting Workaround for iOS

Yesterday I wrote about the issue some players are having where their fighters are fighting anymore, for more information the original post is here.

We are confident we have found the issue and it is fixed in the latest update, which is currently out on Android and waiting for review with Apple.

In the mean time here is a work around to fix this situation and prevent it from happening again:

  • If your fighters have fights booked in the past then release them.  This can be checked using the Booked Fights button on the main screen.  Please note, if you’d rather not release any fighters, the update will make these fight take place in the current month.
  • When you press End Month in April, August, and December a video ad should play.  If, however, after pressing next on the “And now a word from our sponsors” screen the ad doesn’t play and instead of going to the normal month end summary screens it goes back to the main screen then enter and exit one of the other screens, for example the gym screen by pressing the Gym button.  This will cause the main screen to refresh and the Fight Time button to correctly appear if there is a fight booked for the current month.

This work around will not be required if you have the latest update, which as stated above is out on Android and waiting for review for iOS.