MMA Manager

Take on the role of a MMA manager in the modern fight business. Manage your gym and build your fight team from the local scene to the heights of managing world champions in the top promotions.

MMA Manager is a game for iOS and Android devices.

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IT’S TANKS! continues in the tradition of tank versus tank games of the ‘80s and ‘90s such as the early ‘90s classic Scorched Earth.

Compete against friends and strangers in online matches via Game Center to win coins to buy weapons, items, and upgrades.

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Trail – A Bit By Bit Games Short

Trail is an experimental, minimalist platformer inspired by a child’s belief about death. Trail explores the idea that you leave a trail in the world as you journey through life and when you eventually die you need to collect this trail to achieve final peace.

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Endless Lines

Endless Lines is a dynamic new take on the action puzzle game that will test your reactions and your path finding skills.

Slide rows and columns to create paths across the board, the longer the path the more points it is worth. Add in multipliers, special blocks to help or hinder, and bonus points for chaining multiple path clears to spice things up.

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