Endless Lines

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“Blitz mode – the best 60 second game you’ll probably ever play” – Arcade Life

“The core gameplay element is so blissfully simple and compelling” – Try Indie

Endless Lines is a dynamic new take on the action puzzle game that will test your reactions and your path finding skills.

Slide rows and columns to create paths across the board, the longer the path the more points it is worth. Add in multipliers, special blocks to help or hinder, and bonus points for chaining multiple path clears to spice things up.

Play three exciting time based game modes:

Score as many points as possible in 60 seconds. Multipliers and bombs will aid you in your goal.

How quickly can you reach your target score? Three target scores make for increasing harder games. Multipliers and bombs will help, but locks will stop you moving the row and column they are on until you remove them.

Start with 15 seconds on the clock, each block cleared adds a small amount of time. How long can you survive and how many points can you score in this frantic game mode?

Full Retina Support
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