MMA Manager Update 1.4.2

Hi all, just posting to let you know we’ve released a new update for MMA Manager & MMA Manager Free.  It’s not a huge update but it’s got some fairly important fixes and updates for code that MMA Manager uses.

The update should be live on the App Store and Google Play now and contains the following changes:

• Changes to IAP handling
• Disable IAP buttons when purchasing to prevent accidental purchases
• Third party API updates
• Prevent being trapped in the tutorial by a dilemma triggering
• Fix rare bug where fighters wouldn’t retire

The update should roll out automatically if you have automatic updates enabled, but if not just check your “Updates” tab in the App Store and Play Store apps on your devices.


What Are We Up To?

As was asked recently on twitter, are we planning on update MMA Manager again?  A very reasonable question since last year we updated it fairly regularly and this year there’s been a single update which was mostly a bug fix.

To quickly answer the question, yes we do intend to keep updating MMA Manager.  We’ve still got a list of things we want to add to the game, and we’ve been listening to suggestions from the community for what you want.

To be honest with you we haven’t been working on MMA Manager lately.  An opportunity came our way to work on an interesting project, with some great people, and some new tech.  Like everyone else we’ve got rent & bills to pay so we took the opportunity and are developing a prototype which hopefully pays off.

What that all means is the next update for MMA Manager probably won’t be out until next month by the time we finish the prototype work, and the update goes through the submission process.

MMA Manager 1.4.1 Update

The latest updates for MMA Manager and MMA Manager Free are now available on both the App Store and Google Play!  If you’ve got automatic updates enabled then it should be magically appearing on your phone or tablet in the next few hours.

It’s a small but important fix that makes sure that fighters you recruit don’t retire for at least a few years.  It’s important as if that happens during the tutorial it can break the entire tutorial and screw up your game.