Fighters Not Fighting Workaround for iOS

Yesterday I wrote about the issue some players are having where their fighters are fighting anymore, for more information the original post is here.

We are confident we have found the issue and it is fixed in the latest update, which is currently out on Android and waiting for review with Apple.

In the mean time here is a work around to fix this situation and prevent it from happening again:

  • If your fighters have fights booked in the past then release them.  This can be checked using the Booked Fights button on the main screen.  Please note, if you’d rather not release any fighters, the update will make these fight take place in the current month.
  • When you press End Month in April, August, and December a video ad should play.  If, however, after pressing next on the “And now a word from our sponsors” screen the ad doesn’t play and instead of going to the normal month end summary screens it goes back to the main screen then enter and exit one of the other screens, for example the gym screen by pressing the Gym button.  This will cause the main screen to refresh and the Fight Time button to correctly appear if there is a fight booked for the current month.

This work around will not be required if you have the latest update, which as stated above is out on Android and waiting for review for iOS.

Fighters Not Fighting Issue

We’ve been made aware of an issue in MMA Manager Free where fighters stop taking their fights.

This is not something we’ve seen in the premium version or in testing, we would not release the game knowing about an issue like this.

We believe we have a fix for this and have published an update on Android, and submitted it Apple for review. Review times for the App Store means it will be at least next weekend before the update is released, we will talk to Apple to try and speed this up.

It appears part of the cause is the interstitial ads before the fights, so we have removed them.

We are extremely sorry if your game has been affected by this issue, it is not the experience we wish to provide for players. We thank you for your patience.

MMA Manager Free is out!

We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing a new Ad-supported version of MMA Manager. It’s completely free and available today on both the App Store and Google Play.

What do we mean by Ad-supported?
Pretty straight forward really, like all real sports we’ve added some adverts into the game at key points where we have the player’s attention. And by some, we mean “a few” or “not very much”, we’ve added the following:

  • A full screen static interstitial advert before every fight as part of the event opening.
  • A video ad lasting at most 30 seconds every 3 game months.

Why are Bit By Bit releasing an ad-supported version?
A few reasons really:

  • First and foremost, we’ve had a lot of players that were interested in trying the game, but not used to paying for premium games on mobile ask about it and every one of them we’ve talked to has been happy with the approach we’ve taken with integrating infrequent adverts.
  • The fact our player reviews and feedback have been so positive has given us more confidence that players who aren’t necessarily huge MMA fans, but like more general management games would give it a try and enjoy it if they didn’t have to pay for it themselves.
  • We think we’ve integrated Ads into the game flow well, with them fitting the feel of the advertising actually shown during sports events. Hopefully, players should agree that it reduces the level of intrusiveness of the advertising compared to most ad-supported games and fits the general feel of a big sponsored sporting event.
  • Instead of taking the already released version to be purely ad-supported, we wanted to be able to experiment more without affecting our current players. We’ve had a hugely positive experience interacting with everyone that’s actually played the game & we’re happy to go out of our way to make sure that we don’t screw them over. Our existing players are hugely supportive and have been generally awesome with feedback and suggestions and the last thing we want to do is risk making unwanted changes in the game they’ve already paid for.
  • Last, as with most paid games released on the App Store it’s not sold as well as we need it to if we’re going to continue developing it. Hopefully the ad-supported version should help alleviate that and help spread the word about the game.

Does this mean there will be no more updates to the current version?
Absolutely not! They’re based on the same codebase and every new gameplay feature added will be in both versions. The only significant differences between the 2 will be in terms of advertising in thead-supported version, something we’ll be closely monitoring and perhaps changing slightly based on feedback and finding what works and what doesn’t for our players.