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26 April, 2013

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IT'S TANKS! is an asynchronous multiplayer tank versus tank game continuing in the tradition of classics such as Scorched Earth. Players compete in online matches to earn coins to upgrade their tank. Single device multiplayer is available through the Pass & Play mode, which can also be used for practice.


IT'S TANKS! was created to fill an obvious hole in the available asynchronous games on iOS, why had no one made a Scorched Earth style game? It was something everyone at Bit By Bit Games wanted to play, so they decided to make it themselves.

Development started in earnest in mid-September 2012 after Matt & Kieran finished a period of contract work for Lionhead studios. The early days and weeks were spent prototyping and iterating on key gameplay and systems for the game. The landscape destruction code, for example, went through many iterations and complete rewrites to end up with the arbitrary polygon system IT'S TANKS! currently uses. Weapons and Items came and went throughout development in search of the right combination of offensive power, defensive capability, and fun. Michael Morton joined the project in late 2012 and began working to define the visual style of IT'S TANKS!, with Karen Fielding joining in early 2013 working to produce landscape textures, backgrounds, icons, and sprites in this style. Karen also provided a fresh perspective on the game, leading to further refinements of elements such as the HUD and menu systems. IT'S TANKS! is a true collaboration between Bit By Bit Games and its contributors.

IT'S TANKS! was released on April 26th, 2013.


  • Brand new random levels for every game!
  • Completely destructible landscapes.
  • 10 multi-stage upgradeable weapons, each offering unique tactical choices.
  • 11 special items to change the battlefield, protect your tank and screw with the other player.
  • Online asynchronous turn based multiplayer via Game Center.
  • Pass & Play multiplayer for short fun games against the people actually in the same room as you.
  • Share entertaining and awesome shots with Everyplay.


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